OREANDA-NEWS. Another ship ran aground in the south of the Suez Canal, where navigation has recently resumed. This is reported by Russian media «RIA Novosti». It is noted, that the tanker almost blocked the channel.

Earlier it was reported, that the Suez Canal Authority is going to consider the issue of expanding the channel so that the situation with the stranded ship does not happen again.

On March 23, the container ship «Ever Given», which is operated by the Taiwanese Evergreen Group, blocked the Suez Canal, it was only possible to remove it from the shoal on March 29. During this time, a traffic jam of several hundred vessels formed in the riverbed. The main version of what happened is the deviation of the ship from the course due to strong winds, but the human factor is not excluded.

A representative of the company «Shoei Kisen», which owns the container ship «Ever Given», noted that the ship weighs more than 220 thousand tons. It was built in 2018 and can simultaneously transport up to 20 thousand containers. The vessel is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide.

Employees of the US agency «Bloomberg» estimated, that every day the losses from the downtime of the Suez Canal increase by almost $10 billion. Due to the congestion, about 200 dry cargo ships and tankers were blocked, some of which are intended for oil transportation.