OREANDA-NEWSSeamen from the Sevastopol ship of the Russian Hudson Company, which was on the US sanctions list, were repatriated after the intervention of the Primorsky Transport Prosecutor's Office. This was reported to journalists on Monday by the press service of the regional transport prosecutor's office, without specifying the number of crew members and the port of repatriation.

“The crew of the Sevastopol marine vessel complained to the Primorsk Transport Prosecutor’s Office about the shipowner’s violation of their labor rights. During the audit, the Hudson Shipping Company, after expiration of the labor contracts, didn't take measures to repatriate Russian seamen from a foreign port. The Primorsky Transport Prosecutor sent 12 statements of claim to the court demanding to oblige the shipowner to deliver the crew members to the city of Vladivostok”, the press service informed.

In addition, the prosecutor made a presentation to the head of the company and instituted an administrative offense case against him and the legal entity. During the consideration of civil cases, the requirements of the prosecutor were fulfilled on a voluntary basis. Now the sailors are repatriated to Russia.

In 2018, the US Treasury announced the expansion of the DPRK's sanctions lists, which included the Hudson shipping company based in the Russian Federation. The list, in particular, includes six ships under the Russian flag: Patriot, Neptune, Bella, Bogatyr, Partizan and Sevastopol. According to the American authorities, they are involved "in the transfer of petroleum products to vessels flying the flag of the DPRK, as well as in activities prohibited by the UN Security Council".

“The requirements of the prosecutor were fulfilled on a voluntary basis, currently the sailors of the motor ship Sevastopol are repatriated to Russia”, the report says.