OREANDA-NEWS  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order according to which two sections of the M-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg become toll: the seventh and eighth, from 543 to 646 km and from 646 to 684 km in the Novgorod and Leningrad regions. The validity of the paid period - until June 7, 2110, that is 92 years. The order is published on the portal of legal information.

By law, toll roads must have free alternatives. In the document it is specified-it is the public highway of Federal value of M-10 "Russia" from 543rd to 675th kilometer having on this site from three to six strips.

In addition, the order spelled out the technical characteristics of the areas M-11, in question. The number of lanes is from four to six, the width of the roadway is from 2 by 7.5 to 2 by 11.23 meters, the width of the dividing strip is 6 meters, one tunnel, 14 bridges, 24 overpasses and so on.

The 669-kilometer-long M-11 will run from the Moscow ring road (MKAD) to the Ring road around St. Petersburg. The seventh and eighth sections of the route M-11-the last not put into operation. In June 2018, a two-hundred-kilometer section of the M-11 was opened in the Tver and Novgorod regions (from 334 to 543 km), which continued to bypass Torzhok and Vyshny Volochok. The fare on the 330-kilometer section M-11 in the Tver and Novgorod regions is for cars from 356 rubles (when using the transponder T-pass LLC "Avtodor – Toll roads" under the loyalty program) to 660 rubles. In March 2018, the head of the Board of "Avtodor" Sergey Kelbach said that the fare on the entire route will be about 2 thousand rubles.

Initially, the track was going to pass to the World Cup, which was held in Russia in June – July 2018, but the timing has repeatedly shifted. In September, the Minister of transport of Russia Yevgeny Dietrich, speaking about the opening of the road, said that "this could happen next year", that is, in 2019.

It should also be noted that archaeological excavations are now taking place on the 663-kilometer of the route under construction. A large monument was found in this place in the summer.