OREANDA-NEWS.A Ukrainian Boeing 737 crashed in Tehran caught fire even before it collided with the ground. This is noted in the initial crash investigation, conducted by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization and published on Thursday by the media.

"The plane caught fire in the air. According to eyewitnesses, the fire was visible on the plane and spread through its fuselage", said the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization. The report also notes that "an explosion occurred after a collision with the ground".

The Boeing 737 turned around after discovering a technical problem and was returning to the airport, according to the initial investigation. "The trajectory of the plane, which was originally heading west from the airport, suggests that after a technical problem arose, it turned around", the report said. It's also noted that "at the time of the crash, the plane was returning to the airport". In addition, according to the report, there was “no report of unusual flight circumstances” from the crew.