OREANDA-NEWS. A resident of Alberta, Canadian province, was charged with dangerous driving. While the owner of the automobile was sleeping, his self-driving Tesla Model S car was moving very fast, at a speed of more than 150 km / h. The Verge writes about this with reference to representatives of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The incident happened on July, 9 when police received a complaint of dangerous driving on Highway 2 near Ponoca, Alberta. The report said that the 2019 Tesla Model S, traveling at over 140 km / h, and it "looked as if it was self-driving."

Meanwhile its both passengers "looked asleep." After the police began to chase the car, the "smart" automobile increased its speed to 150 km / h. Finally a 21-year-old man was found in the car who was tired and asleep. He was accused of speeding and deprived of his driving license for a day.

However, it’s not clear at what time and by whom the autopilot was activated. As noted by The Verge, Tesla's autonomous system only works when the driver keeps his hands on the wheel. Otherwise, the autopilot is switched off itself. But before this the display behind the wheel flashes, makes audible warnings, and warns the driver about the necessity to make any desicion about driving.