OREANDA-NEWS. The German Ministry of Transport has developed rules for the use of unmanned vehicles on public roads. Earlier, a law was passed in Germany that allows driverless cars without an operator in the cabin to drive on roads in certain areas of the country from 2022.

The developed rules list the technical requirements for cars that must be met in order to obtain access to the roads. In particular, the car must be able to brake at a speed of 5 m/s2, and the relative speed in a collision must be equal to zero. The document also contains pictures, for example, a road map of intersections, a timeline with requirements for storing information.

Earlier, officials from the Federal Ministry of Transport launched the «Autobahn» application for drivers. This is a comprehensive program with information about road works, traffic jams and accidents. About 1.2 million euros from the federal budget were spent on it's development and launch. The representative of the transport policy of the «Greens» Stefan Gelbhaar called this development «bankruptcy for a million».

«More than a million euros for an application without any added value is a farce and, therefore, a reason for an investigation by the Accounting Chamber», the DPA quotes Stefan Gelbhaar.