OREANDA-NEWS. The German opposition demands compensation for the fact, that during the Holocaust, the victims themselves paid for tickets to death camps. The politicians supported the demands for Deutsche Bahn, the German company, the main railway operator. The initiative was supported by representatives of the «Union 90/Green Party», «The Left Party», and «The Free Democratic Party of Germany», the media group «Redaktions-Netzwerk Deutschland» reported on Monday, January 25.

The demand to Deutsche Bahn was made by 84-year-old resident of the Netherlands Salo Muller. He survived the Holocaust, but his parents died in the death camps. According to historians, the railway operator of the time — Deutsche Reichsbahn — received an amount equivalent to millions of euros from the Jews themselves for their transportation to concentration camps from the Netherlands to Germany.

Muller represents the interests of living in the Netherlands victims of the Holocaust and their relatives. Earlier, he managed to get compensation from the railways of the Netherlands, as well as France. In the summer of 2020, he wrote a letter with a similar demand to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.