OREANDA-NEWS. The number of passengers in the Moscow metro continues to fall: as of March 25, the load on the subway fell by 44%, the metropolitan department of transport said on its Telegram channel.

The press service of the department clarified to the Russian media that they were comparing data as of the morning of February 26 and March 25. Also, almost a third - 32% - in Moscow, the number of trips by buses, trolleybuses and trams decreased, the number of passengers of electric trains decreased by the same amount.

Residents of the capital also began to use car sharing and taxi less often - the number of customers of these services decreased by 26 and 23%, respectively. In addition, the number of bus passengers traveling from the region to the capital decreased by more than a quarter - their number decreased by 26%. As a result, roads in Moscow became less busy - by 4%.

According to the deptrans, amid the spread of the new coronavirus, older people who are at risk for the disease have become less likely to use public transport - there are 70% less such passengers.