OREANDA-NEWS Senator from the Astrakhan region Alexander Bashkin took the initiative to oblige the owners of electric scooters to pass an exam on knowledge of traffic rules in order to obtain permission to drive this vehicle, RIA Novosti writes. This is due to the likely increase in accidents involving this type of movement.

"The owners of certain categories of electric scooters and other so-called means of individual mobility have to be forced to obtain permission to drive them. For this purpose, they should pass at least a minimum of the basics of driving and an exam for knowledge of traffic rules," Bashkin noted.

He stressed that in Russia there is a risk of an increase in the number of accidents involving electric scooters without proper regulation. Bashkin emphasized that after licensing the management of powerful electric scooters, the introduction of liability for violation of traffic rules by the owners of this category of vehicles should follow.

"All this is difficult, difficult, troublesome and costly for the state, but otherwise injuries in such incidents will not only not decrease, but, on the contrary, may grow with an increase in the number of electric scooters on the streets of our cities," he said.

Earlier it became known that the new certification rules for "electric means of individual mobility" - electric scooters, monowheels and gyroscopes - will be written in the new GOST. This wish was made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Moscow Mayor's Office and NAMI. They demand a speed limit of 25 km/h and the installation of a satellite tracking system for all vehicles of this category imported into the Russian Federation.