OREANDA-NEW The ship "Partizan" was damaged in a small explosion. On Wednesday the ship safely reached to the South Korean port of Pohang. This was announced by Deputy Director of the company-shipowner "Hudson" Valery Uliskin.

"The ship arrived at the port without incident. Now it comes under the unloading of scrap metal, and then we will decide on the repair and investigation of the incident, " he said.

Valery Uliskin told that the local explosion occurred in one of the shipboard technical spaces in the bow of the vessel. These rooms are usually used as storerooms. The fire was stopped for 10 minutes, and the ship continued on its way.

On the left side under the clew at a height of six meters from the waterline, the crew found a hole in the hull.

"A hole of almost regular triangular shape leading to one of the technical rooms in the bow of the vessel. Thus it is quite clearly visible that sheets of a covering and part of a ship set are strongly concave in indoors, but not outside. This gave grounds to assume that the side were some foreign object from the outside, the outside that caused this damage," said Uliskin.

According to him that was the cause of explosion while it is difficult to define.

Uliskin recalled that, according to the rules of the investigation of marine incidents, a Commission will be created with the participation of the Supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation, which will answer the question of the causes of the incident. Now the company does not have a clear understanding of what happened.

He also added that the investigation of the incident will begin with an inspection of the insurance company, after which the security service of the shipowner company Hudson and Supervisory structures will give its assessment.