OREANDA-NEWS  In some parts of the Federal highways next year will be noise markings on the dividing strips. The Agency intends to launch a pilot project.

When you drive the wheel on the noise dividing strip, the car starts to shake and make noise. In Rosavtodor sure, drivers will be careful to leave in this situation on the oncoming lane, which will reduce the accident rate. The Department noted that the noise marking is particularly relevant on roads where it is impossible to put a barrier fence.

These areas will first appear on the highways M7 "Volga" in Tatarstan, R-22 "Caspian sea" between Moscow and Volgograd, in the Ural region on the M5 Urals, in Siberia — on R-258 "Baikal" R-254 "Irtysh". But mostly this noise marking is supposed to equip the route in the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts, where many single-lane sections of roads and serpentines. Specific segments and mileage have not yet been determined.

In Rosavtodor expect, that with the advent of marking motorists will be motivated to maneuver in the permitted areas and avoid going to the oncoming traffic on the noise dividing strip. According to the noise markings in the shaking drivers simply do not want to go.

Now on Federal highways the noise marking is not applied. It uses the "Avtodor" on its toll roads: separating and regional bands. Also, this marking is applied to certain sections of the M1 "Belarus" route in the Moscow region.

Experts are introducing this pilot project in order to check whether this measure will help to reduce the accident rate on the roads. However, the durability of the coating, taking into account the climatic features of Russia, raises questions-snow removal can make the coating one-season.

On the tracks "Avtodor" this layout looks like a lot of "speed bumps" small size. But the Agency proposes to apply it using the milling method, when the "cut into" small pieces of pavement.

It should be noted that there are few companies with special equipment in Russia, as it is quite expensive, and the period of wear of such bands is small.