OREANDA-NEWS  As the edition of The New York Times found out, top managers of Toyota met with representatives of the US Congress and sharply criticized the decision of the Joe Biden administration about financial support for the development of electric transport. The main argument of the Japanese brand against electric cars sounds like this: the emissions resulting from the generation of electricity are more dangerous for the environment than the exhaust gases of cars with internal combustion engines. The criticism from Toyota was interpreted by journalists as an attempt to discourage the expansion of electric vehicles in the United States.

According to the presidential administration's decree, the state will allocate $ 174 billion to popularize electric vehicles: $ 100 billion will go to subsidies to buyers, 45 to electrify bus fleets, 15 to expand the infrastructure of charging stations, and the remaining 10 to stimulate sales of green trucks. Toyota, in turn, demanded that hybrids and hydrogen cars be included in the list of financial support.

According to The New York Times, the Japanese automaker is pursuing a similar policy not only in the United States but also in other countries, including Europe, India and Japan. Experts interviewed by the publication attribute this to the fact that Toyota is lagging behind competitors in the electrification of the model range.