OREANDA-NEWS The traffic police made changes to the draft exam for a driver's license. The document was published on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts.

The main innovation — a single driving test instead of the usual division into "platform" and "city".

Traffic police inspectors take a practical exam for the right to drive.

Testing of candidates will begin with a test of initial driving skills. It will take place in "closed areas and highways, areas with hard surface and restricted to pedestrians, sections of roads with low traffic, dead-end sections of roads, mainly outside residential buildings."

After that, the candidate for drivers should demonstrate in conditions of full-fledged urban traffic whether he is able to make a left and right turn, pass unregulated intersections of unequal roads and pedestrian crossings, overtake other traffic participants and carry out parallel parking. In addition, will be checked the skill movement starts and stops on the ascent and descent.

Exercises such as crossing a railway crossing, passing a controlled intersection, and rebuilding a two-lane or more section of the road will be optional.

The new version of the document also lists the cases of cancellation of the exam results.

In addition, the teacher of the driving school will not be able to be in the examination car.

At the end of December it became known that the traffic police plans to introduce liability for driving schools, whose students within two years after obtaining a driver's license became the culprits of the accident.

The possibility of introducing such liability for driving schools is at the stage of development.

The traffic police note that now there are cases when, after obtaining a license, driving schools rent cheaper circuits and classes, sell part of the material and technical base, lease their classes to other organizations and even teach driving not on the sites, but in the yards of houses.

Therefore, the issue of introducing additional checks after the issuance of the license to the driving school is also being worked out. In case of violations, the license can be canceled.