OREANDA-NEWS  In Yakutia, two fuel trucks fell under the ice on the Aldan River. This information was reported by the press service of the main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Republic.

The incident occurred on January 10 in the Tompon district, on the 366th kilometer of the Federal highway "Kolyma".

At the entrance to the winter road drivers ignored road signs about the restriction of the mass of 30 tons. One of the cars carried more than 26 tons of diesel fuel, the second-more than 25 tons. The weight of each truck is about 15 tons.

ONE Scania fuel truck failed on the right side of the ice road about a meter and a half, and the second, IVECO brand, — 25 meters from it. The drivers were not injured and got out of the cars on their own. They drew up administrative protocols for non-compliance with the requirements prescribed by road signs.

As a result of the accident, diesel fuel poured into the river. On the scene left the state inspectors of nature protection, which took samples of water. The damage caused to the water body will be determined after calculating the volume of spilled oil products.

Diesel fuel from fuel trucks pumped out.

Now on ice winter roads and ferries in Yakutia installed different capacity depending on the carrying capacity of the ice. However, as practice shows, despite the road signs and warnings, cars from year to year fall under the ice.

So, last year, when drivers try to lift the tanker out of the water on the Lena river in the Irkutsk region, crane fell down under the ice. From the damaged tank part of the fuel got into the water. Rescuers with the participation of divers using protective booms, sorbent and special equipment eliminated the consequences of oil spill. To lift the fuel truck and crane, used a tractor equipped with a lift. But it fell through the ice, too. Only a few days later, equipment was removed from the water with the help of the tractor.