OREANDA-NEWS  In Russia will begin large-scale tests of unmanned vehicles in March next year. Tests will be held on public roads in Moscow and Tatarstan. The list of streets on which drones will drive has not yet been approved. The tests will last three years.

Access to the program will receive only companies with a registered capital of 100 million rubles. In addition, each participating in the experiment machine, it will be necessary to insure for 10 million rubles.in an unmanned vehicle during the tests, the driver will necessarily be present, who will be able to take control of the vehicle at any time.

In turn, some market experts have already criticized the document, which, in their opinion, was prepared in the interests of several large corporations. Thus, the President of Cognitive Technologies Olga Uskova believes that admission to the project is based on financial, not technological capabilities of companies. According to her, in Russia there are several dozen startups working in the field of Autonomous technologies, but do not have such authorized capital.

The application form for participation in the tests must be submitted to the state research center. After the necessary tests, companies will be able to obtain a certificate of compliance with the vehicle safety requirements.

The machine itself will be equipped with systems for "continuous video recording of the driver's actions and the surrounding traffic situation", as well as a button to activate and deactivate the Autonomous control system. At the same time, the driver must be able to click on it without unfastening the seat belts. Full responsibility for the possible accident is the owner of the car.

Earlier it was reported that the first sections of roads, which will be allowed to drive Autonomous cars on a permanent basis, will open in four years. Last year, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced his decision to strengthen state support for developers and manufacturers of unmanned ground transport control systems.