OREANDA-NEWS. Weapons for destroying ports were tested in China. The Chinese military destroyed the training target with an underwater explosion. It is reported by the Global Times.

According to the newspaper, the purpose of the tests was to develop new tactics to disrupt enemy communications. Also, underwater explosions can make large ships of a potential enemy vulnerable.

The publication notes that the new tactics was a response to US actions in the Pacific. Thus, American ships are dispersed at several bases, which makes them dependent on supplies.

“If we can use covert means, such as underwater explosions, to destroy ports, we can destroy the enemy's military capabilities,” said Captain Zhao Pengduo, deputy director of the new weapons testing program.

Earlier in China, the world's first fifth-generation fighter with a two-seater cockpit was shown. The Military Watch magazine published pictures of the J-20 two-seater aircraft. The new aircraft can become the basis for the creation of strike versions of the fighter.

In September, AVIC Corporation showed the appearance of the sixth generation aircraft. At the international aerospace show in Zhuhai, they showed the appearance of a promising fighter.