OREANDA-NEWS. The completion of the mission Chang’e 5 to collect and deliver lunar soil to Earth was a great success and a huge step for China’s space science, Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote.

The reentry module of the Chinese lunar exploration probe Chang’e 5 launched on November 24 with lunar soil samples has successfully landed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and technical personnel have already located the capsule.

“Having learned the news of the complete success of the mission Chang’e 5… I sincerely congratulate you and convey my sincere greetings. The mission Chang’e 5 was the most difficult for our country, this is the first time when we completed the task of delivering samples from another celestial body. This huge achievement of the new government system marks a major step forward for Chinese astronautics,” Xi Jinping wrote in a published congratulatory telegram to the command center of the lunar exploration mission. The politician stressed that this will be a contribution to the study of the history of the origin of the Earth and the Solar System by mankind. “The homeland and people will never forget your merits,” the President resumed.