OREANDA-NEWS The "Yandex" company began a demonstration trip of his unmanned vehicle in Las Vegas (Nevada). This was reported the official representative of "Yandex" Melissa McDonald.

As she explained, starting from Friday, those wishing to have the opportunity to make demonstration trips around the city. "There is currently one car in Las Vegas," she clarified. The tests will continue during the International consumer electronics exhibition. Its official opening is scheduled in Las Vegas on Tuesday, January 8, closing-on Friday, January 11.

McDonald noted that all trips by unmanned vehicle are free. She did not specify how many people wished to take advantage of this opportunity. "At the moment we do not distribute this information", - stated the representative of "Yandex".

In a statement issued by the company, it is noted that a technical officer is in the front passenger seat of the car in order to ensure safety. The car in question was purchased in the United States and then equipped with the necessary sensors and systems for unmanned driving. In memory of using mapping technology "Yandex" was laid map of the city around one of the hotels. Next to him start a demonstration trip.

In "Yandex" explained that the software car was set up for optimum conditions on the roads of Las Vegas, where the speed can reach 72 km/h. For the preparation of the car and left "one month". As noted by McDonald, Yandex has not yet explained what will happen to the car after the exhibition. "Currently, our priority is CES, and we are not spreading information about what will happen to the car after," she said.

The statement stresses that "Las Vegas was the first place to test unmanned vehicles "Yandex" outside Russia". As follows from the document, the company began working on technologies for an unmanned vehicle in early 2017, using the experience of Yandex in the field of machine learning, navigation and mapping. In may 2017, the first prototype was presented.