OREANDA-NEWS.In Prague, more than 250 thousand people rally and demand the resignation of the Prime Minister because of suspicions of fraud

On June 23, Prague hosted the largest protest in decades. More than 250 thousand protesters gathered in the area of Letensky field, they demand the resignation of Prime Minister Andrei Babish.

The reason for the protests was a criminal case against Prime Minister Babish on suspicion of fraud with the funds of the European Union. It is alleged that the family firm Babisha received money from the EU, and this is a fraud. The European Commission also accused the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic in a conflict of interest in obtaining grants for its holding Agrofert. The immediate cause of the increase in the number of participants of protest actions was the appointment by the Minister of justice supporters of Babish's beresovoy. Opponents of the Prime Minister fear that it will put pressure on the investigation.