OREANDA-NEWS  In Italy, the death toll from floods increased to 30 people. Such data were reported by local authorities after the bodies of nine members of the one family were found in Sicily. Including children under the age of one year, two and 15 years.

Their house was torn down by a river. Only three of this family were able to escape, they managed to climb a tree, writes media. In total, 12 people were killed in Sicily. The regional Prosecutor Ambrogio Cartosio has already called the situation "a complete disaster."

In addition, because of the flood in the province of Palermo died 44-year-old politician. The flooding of Silicia occurred due to heavy rains that hit the island on November 3.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvinia visited the flood-affected areas of the country. As a result of the trip, he said that 40 billion euros are needed "to ensure the security of the national territory."

He promised to find the necessary amount, expressing hope that the European Union "will not accuse him of overspending." Europe has already objected to Italy's proposed budget, which the EU estimates will exacerbate the country's already huge deficit.

A high level of weather risk was established in Sicily and Sardinia last week. Because of heavy rains in the regions landslides descend, there are reports of destroyed roads and fallen trees. The damage from the weather in the Veneto region amounted to €1 billion. 

Flooding in Venice flooded about 75% of the city. Authorities said the flood was the most devastating in 8 years.

Earlier was reported, that the red level of the threat is announced in five Italian regions due to the weather that hit the Apennines. This information said  the Civil Defense Service of the country 10 days ago.