OREANDA-NEWS  The echo of a war in the present century looks very different from in the past. Now these are not so much territories in need of complete reconstruction and endless areas strewn with mines - these are, first of all, refugees. Hundreds of thousands, millions. 

Ankara has not yet managed to "digest" the Syrians, who have put a heavy burden on the Turkish budget and the social security and health care systems, as there is a new attack: a danger of immigration to Turkey of 6.5 million Afghans.

So far, those fleeing from the Taliban are accumulating on the borders of Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. But their ultimate goal is Turkey, and from there Europe. The wave of immigrants from Afghanistan could turn into a tsunami even larger than immigration from Syria.

The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in an interview with the Bild newspaper expressed the opinion that refugees from Afghanistan need to move either to safe areas of their country, or to move in Turkey. Because, in his opinion, such an option would be "better than trying for Afghans to find refuge in Austria, Germany or Sweden".

“We were surprised to meet the statement of the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who called Turkey “the most suitable place”for Afghan refugees. Turkey will by no means assume international obligations of third countries and will not accept a new wave of migration. We inform our partners at all levels about this, noting that Turkey will not become an EU border guard or a camp for those who seek asylum ”, -Ankara said.