OREANDA-NEWS Six of the fifteen pillars of the six-seat K8/D6C cableway on the location "Kolašin 1600" were placed today.

The consortium "Eminent-Dopelmayr" started construction of a cableway at this site a month ago.

The construction value of four kilometers of ski slopes and cableway is EUR 9 million. Within this price there is the elaboration of the artificial insemination project.

The construction of a tourist ski resort with the accompanying contents of a total value of EUR 20 million is planned at the location "Kolašin 1600".

In addition to the construction of the cableway, the construction of the roads from locations "Kolašin 1450" and "Kolašin 1600" is in progress. The total value of the works is EUR 2 million. Also, the construction of the base station worth EUR 1.5 million is in progress.

The "Jezerine trafostation" is already built. It will serve to supply electricity to both complexes – "Kolašin 1450" and "Kolašin 1600".