OREANDA-NEWS Education Secretary Kirsty Williams has revealed a further ?800,000 investment into maths and the creation of a network that will involve schools, universities and the regional consortia working together.

The network will provide a structured approach for mathematics support for ages 3 to 18 with the organisations involved working together to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and numeracy in schools and colleges.

The network’s work will include:

Extra support to develop leadership in maths and help schools work together in support of higher standards.
Supporting teachers, teaching assistants, further education lecturers and others to develop improved classroom practice.

Schools and colleges will receive guidance, access to conferences and events on effective teaching practice.
New accredited evidence-based professional development programmes for staff to improve their mathematics knowledge, and the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Schools will receive support and knowledge from experts and specialists, including information on tried and tested approaches to improve attainment and high quality teaching resources.

Dr Sofia Lyakhova, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Department, College of Science, Swansea University said:
"Swansea has been working with other universities to support further maths at A- level for a number of years, and I am delighted that the government is making that support available across all of Wales.

“The National Network of Excellence is essential if we are to enhance support for all maths teachers, from age three through to A-level. This is an exciting and innovative development, and I look forward to working directly with education Consortia, other universities and teachers on this crucial area of education.”