OREANDA-NEWS Prime Minister Pavel Filip today participated in a ceremony of reopening the Dadiani headquarters of the National Art Museum of Moldova, which was under the arrangement and rehabilitation process. Attending the event were Culture Minister Monica Babuc, Romanian Ambassador to Chisinau Daniel Ionita, director-general of the Art Museum of Moldova Tudor Zbarnea, as well as numerous personalities of the cultural, academic and political world.

In his speech Pavel Filip said that through the National Art Museum we have to modernize entire Moldova. “Modernization means firstly restoration of monuments of history, of those buildings that have a special history, and it is very important to put them back in the cultural circuit,” the Prime Minister said.

Pavel Filip admired the permanent exhibition of the National Art, inaugurated on the occasion of reopening of the museum’s headquarters, which included works of religious art collection, icons and religious objects of the 16th -19th centuries, as well as the collection of modern and contemporary art, painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative art.