OREANDA-NEWS  The Cabinet of ministers today approved a programme on the promotion of the green economy in Moldova for 2018-2020 and an action plan for its implementation.

The programme’s goal is to promote the implementation of the principles of green economy in Moldova, in line with the economic development and social well-being, by reducing environmental risks.

In particular, the documents regard the enhancement of the country’s energy efficiency and increase in the share of energy from renewable sources, integration of activities of development of the green economy for small- and medium-sized enterprises, increase in the area of farmlands with ecologically safe products and exported ecologically safe products. Other actions relate to the promotion of the principles of green cities, strengthening the system of sustainable public procurements, inclusion of the ecologic education and of education for sustainable development in education institutions.   

The general cost for the programme’s implementation is about 122.5 million lei, which will be covered both from the state budget and through other financial mechanisms.