OREANDA-NEWS. The SE “CSIR “Registru” has cancelled 6 driving licenses obtained by fraud. 4 cases were detected after monitoring the activity of the Vehicles Registration and Drivers’ Qualification Division in Balti, another 2 cases - in the Centre of Drivers’ Qualification in Chisinau.

Verifications were made after an internal service investigation in the context of anti-corruption measures, initiated by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. 

As a result, due to the video monitoring system, the control group found that the holders of 6 licenses had obtained the mark “passed” unjustified, and the examiners didn’t take into account all the violations and mistakes. 

Information about the corresponding licenses’ cancellation shall be introduced into the State Register of Drivers; the National Patrol Inspectorate has to be notified subsequently. 

Meanwhile, the examiners who admitted irregularities were punished administratively.

The driving licenses cancellation procedure was carried out under the Government Decision No. 1452 of 2007 (Article 29) on the approval of the Regulation on driving license.