OREANDA-NEWS A court in the state of Florida (USA) has arrested the deputy chairman of the board of Novatek, Mark Anthony Gyetvay.

The financial director of the Russian gas company is suspected of "hiding $ 93 million in offshore accounts". Also, according to the prosecutor, the top manager hid information about income. On each of the charges, he faces from five to 20 years in prison.

Jitway has been working in Russia since 1995. In 2019, he received Russian citizenship. If found guilty, Gyetvay faces the maximum penalty. It will be formed for all the crimes imputed to him: for each episode of fraud (20 years in prison), for each episode of tax evasion (5 years), for each episode of failure to provide data to the financial department of the international bank (5 years), for each episode of false statements (5 years), for each episode of assistance in preparing an application for a tax refund (3 years), for each episode of intentional failure to provide a tax return (1 year).

The Ministry of Justice believes that Gyetvay participated in a fraudulent scheme from 2005 to 2016, which allowed him to hide millions of dollars in offshore accounts. He allegedly tried to hide his ownership of foreign accounts and assets, even made a Russian spouse a beneficiary.