OREANDA-NEWS. In a fire on the aircraft cruiser of Russian Navy Admiral Kuznetsov, which is being repaired in the port of Murmansk, ten people were injured. “Seven of them are hospitalized, three are examined by doctors in hospitals,” a spokesman for emergency services told RIA Novosti agency. According to him, the search for one missing person continues.

The press service of the Northern Fleet reported that the two military men received burns of the respiratory tract, there is no threat to their life. Besides, it was noted that there were no weapons and ammunition on the ship.

The representatives of the ship repair center said that all workers involved in works were evacuated.

The fire area reached 120 square meters. The employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are involved in the fire extinguishing.

According to the press service of ship repair center, a fire in the cruiser’s first energy compartment began at 10:16 local time during welding. At about 14:45 it became known that the fire was localized, there was no open burning.

According to the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the cause of the fire was that the spark fell into the hold during welding, and the remains of fuel oil caught fire there.

The head of the Corporation, Alexei Rakhmanov, recalled that the company has developed a standard for welding works, which, in particular, provides for the presence of five military inspectors during welding operations made by one person. “How could a fire at Admiral Kuznetsov occur with strict observance of this standard? It is a question that can be answered only after the fire is extinguished,” Rakhmanov said.