OREANDA-NEWS. A former US Army sniper shot dead four people in Florida. The criminal broke into a private house in Landland in Polk County and shot a 40-year-old man, a 33-year-old woman and their three-month-old son, as well as a 62-year-old grandmother of a child in another house located on the same plot, said local police chief Grady Judd on Sunday evening, September 5.

In addition, the criminal injured an 11-year-old girl. After a shootout with the police, the alleged criminal in a bulletproof vest was detained. The 33-year-old suspect was taken to the hospital in connection with his injuries, after receiving medical assistance, he was transported to a local prison.

According to these data, the alleged attacker participated in US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, it is reported that he used methamphetamine and behaved extremely aggressively. According to the first estimates, the detainee may suffer from mental illness.