OREANDA-NEWS. During a special police operation, law enforcement officers detained a man who threatened to blow up the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This was reported by the Strana.ua Telegram channel.

The government building is now completely cordoned off by a special forces unit. Explosive technicians also arrived at the scene. Before the start of the assault, the police said that negotiations would be held with the attacker, but if they refused, the security forces would use force as prescribed by law.

A video of the arrest of a man who threatened to detonate a grenade outside the building of the Ukrainian government appeared on the Web. They are published by the Politics of the Country Telegram channel.

The footage shows how the special forces take out the man in handcuffs.

Previously, it was possible to establish the identity of the man. The intruder's name is Vladimir Prokhnich. He was born in 1978, lives in the city of Irpen, Kiev region. Participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in Donbass. In 2015, the then President Petro Poroshenko awarded him the Order of Courage, third degree. Recently, Prokhnich has been repairing cars.

Earlier on August 4, Prokhnich burst into the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a grenade, took people hostage and said that no one would leave alive. “This is the takeover of the building! You are fed up with everything! Take people away! Don't pull the gun! I'll let go of the check! Combat grenade! " He shouted.