OREANDA-NEWSIn the west of Sri Lanka, a new explosion thundered. About this on Thursday, April 25, reports the local edition of News First, citing police spokesman Ruvan Gunascear.

The explosion occurred in the city of Pugoda, which is located 37 kilometers from the capital of the country - Colombo. The police of Sri Lanka establish the circumstances of the explosion. Information about the victims yet. Earlier, on April 25, it became known about the plans of terrorists to arrange several explosions during the burial of victims of terrorist acts.

The previous bombings thundered in Colombo and its suburbs during the celebration of Catholic Easter. Three of these occurred at the five-star Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury hotels. Three more explosions thundered in the churches. The seventh explosion is near the zoo in the city of Dehiwale, the last one in the area of Dematagoda.

April 21 in Sri Lanka, there were eight explosions. According to the latest data, 321 people died, more than 520 were injured. The next day, a new explosion occurred in the Sri Lankan capital: during demining a bomb exploded in a minibus parked at one of the churches of the city. On April 23, the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS, banned in Russia) claimed responsibility for organizing the attacks in Sri Lanka. Its representatives said that the target of the attacks were Christians and citizens of countries belonging to the military coalition that fought with the terrorists.

In total, 60 people were arrested during the investigation, a few dozen more are wanted. Authorities believe that the attacks could have been prepared for seven to eight years. Also confirmed by the information that as a result of the terrorist attack killed three children of the co-founder of ASOS.