On November 12, the water level rose 187 centimeters above normal.

OREANDA-NEWS. The experts forecast that the water level in Venice, suffering from flooding, will rise again to high values ​​on November 15.

It was expected that by 11:20 local time the water level will reach a peak value of 150 centimeters. This figure is higher than on November 13 and 14, but lower than on November 12, when the water level in Venice rose 187 centimeters above normal. For the all history of observations water did not rise above this level since 1966 when it reached a mark of 194 centimeters.

Several historic buildings were flooded. Water filled the crypt of famous Saint Mark’s Basilica, the main attraction of Venice. Several water trams turned over. Two people became victims of natural disaster.

In Italy, they call Venetian floods a “high water.” This phenomenon occurs when water rises more than 110 centimeters from the zero point located in the Venetian quarter of Santa Maria della Salute. On average, the water level in Venice rises by more than 110 centimeters six times a year.

The lowest point in Venice is the famous central square of San Marco, and it is flooded most often. With a water level of 140 centimeters, more than half of the historic city center is flooded.

The Italian government on November 12 imposed a state of emergency in Venice due to an unprecedented flood. Authorities have not yet assessed the damage to the city. 20 million euros were allocated to eliminate the consequences of the flood.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro reported this week that Saint Mark’s Basilica suffered much.