OREANDA-NEWS. In the American city of Wichita (Kansas), a shooting occurred in a nightclub. At least one person, according to preliminary data, was killed. Seven others were injured, according to NBC.

It is noted that a man aged about 30 years was expelled from the institution for indecent behavior. After that, he returned from the street and opened fire randomly. The attacker ran away, and at the moment his whereabouts are not known.

Earlier it was reported that in the state of Florida, a young child found his father's loaded gun and fatally wounded his mother Sheila Lynn in the head. A 21-year-old woman was conducting a conversation in the Zoom video communication service when she suddenly fell out of her chair after a clap. The police were called. The security forces found a mother of two children seriously wounded in the head. The gun was lying on the floor. The media explains that the father of the children left the weapon loaded. Unfortunately, neurosurgeons could not save the victim.

The prosecutor's office found no grounds for initiating a case. After the tragedy, the Florida police reminded that if there is a weapon, then you should take precautions and keep it unloaded and locked up.