OREANDA-NEWS About cancellation of the decision taken earlier by the Swedish court declared the commercial Director "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Yury Vitrenko. According to this information, the Ukrainian company will continue arrests of Gazprom's assets in all countries.

The court of appeal of the district of Svea in Sweden overturned its decision to suspend the execution of the verdict of the Stockholm arbitration, according to which "Gazprom" must pay "Naftogaz of Ukraine" $2.56 billion this was reported by the commercial Director of the Ukrainian company Yuri Vitrenko, according to which the court took into account the arguments of "Naftogaz".

"We have once again proved to everyone that Gazprom must immediately comply with the arbitration decision. In the meantime, we will continue enforcement in all countries," Vitrenko wrote on his page on Facebook.

Later, the press service of Naftogaz of Ukraine confirmed the cancellation of the decision of the Swedish court to suspend debt collection from Gazprom, stressing that the new decision is not subject to appeal. "The court briefly justified its decision, noting: "the reasons for the decision to suspend enforcement actions no longer exist. Preliminary decisions on the suspension, respectively, are canceled, "- said in a statement "Naftogaz".

Commercial Director of "Naftogaz" noted that the total debt "Gazprom" to the Ukrainian company already exceeds $2.6 billion. Earlier, Vitrenko said that due to the accrual of interest on the amount to be paid to her increases by $500 thousand.

According to Vitrenko, by the beginning of September the debt of Gazprom increased by about $100 million, and taking into account additional payments to lawyers and bailiffs may increase by several hundred million dollars. Later, a representative of the Ukrainian company told reporters that "to date, the size of the penalty" Gazprom "before" Naftogaz"is $104 million."

At the end of February 2018, the Stockholm arbitration satisfied the requirements of Naftogaz, obliging Gazprom to pay the Ukrainian company $4.63 billion for the non-delivery of gas under the transit contract. After deducting the debt of the Ukrainian side for the gas supplied to it, the Russian company owed $ 2.56 billion on June 13, the court of Appeal in Svea issued a decision to suspend the execution of the verdict, satisfying the request of Gazprom, but Naftogaz appealed this decision.

The cancellation of the court of appeal decision will make it easier for Naftogaz to seize Gazprom's assets in other countries. However, outside Sweden, the assets of Gazprom continued to be seized before. On September 4, Vitrenko said that in the Netherlands alone the total value of the arrested assets significantly exceeds the entire debt of Gazprom to the Ukrainian company.

"I believe that the probability of inclusion of Sukhoi in the sanctions list is extremely low. But if this happens, the "Sukhoi Civil aircraft" also fall under sanctions. But it is quite possible that OFAC will make an exception for the civil" daughter "of Sukhoi," said Alexander Zakharov, partner of Paragon Advice Group.