OREANDA-NEWS. In Dutch Rotterdam, the theater building in the Plaswijckpark was completely burned down last night. A few hours after the fire was extinguished, a 14-year-old teenager was arrested, who filmed and published footage of the arson on social networks.

The fire, as can be seen from the video footage, quickly, almost instantly engulfed the structure with a thatched roof and blocks of straw around the perimeter. There were several cages with macaw parrots nearby, but the birds were not harmed as the staff managed to move them to safety. The other animals living in Plaswijk were not affected by the evacuation, they were not saved.

The police did not name the alleged attacker's motives, but several media outlets indicate that this could be another manifestation of dissatisfaction with the restrictions imposed in the Netherlands to limit the spread of COVID-19. Over the past few days, demonstrators have been organizing terrible pogroms, blowing up bridges, setting fire to cars and organizing trashing in cafes and other public institutionsin major cities of the country.

After the fire, the park's management launched a fundraising campaign to restore the theater. To date, nearly 110 thousand euros have been collected.