OREANDA-NEWS According to the survey, almost half of the residents of the Russian Federation (48%) are indifferent to Georgia, 37% are good. 7% found it difficult to answer, and only 8% of respondents are poorly related to this country.

The Russians called “hospitable, good people” (9%) and “like Georgia” (7%) as reasons for a positive attitude.

Poor residents of the Russian Federation belong to Georgia because of the bad attitude of this country to Russia, the respondents also said that they did not like this state. At the same time, 71% of respondents believe that good relations between Moscow and Tbilisi are equally important for both countries; 19% believe that good relations are more important for Georgia; 3% - for Russia, and 8% were undecided.

Relations between Moscow and Tbilisi are going through a difficult period. In June, anti-government and anti-Russian protests began in Georgia, which led to the suspension of air links between the countries.