OREANDA-NEWS. As Russian observers note, the presidential elections in the United States have turned into a show in which democratic standards and transparency of voting are not observed, but instead there are scandalous strategies, a battle of capital and a massive whipping up of protest sentiments, while the election result is still unclear. Fox's latest calculations give Biden 238 electors, Trump 213 (270 is needed to win).

The interviewed representatives of the observer community noted the extreme acuteness of the pre-election confrontation with violations of various norms of political correctness, stuffing of compromising evidence, and dismissals of high officials, according to RIA Novosti.

Roman Kolomoitsev, head of the Group 32 Monitoring and Expert Center, noted that on November 3, early in the morning, a competition was organized to publish the first voting results - thus, representatives of both candidates program the still undecided voter for their preferred political result.

Alena Bulgakova, executive director of the Association "Independent Public Monitoring", a member of the OP RF, agrees with him. She believes that it would be naive to believe that the principles of organizing the electoral process in the United States will instantly change and the presidential elections in honor of the main voting day will become cleaner and more transparent.

In her opinion, the two-month early voting and not controlled by the society, the high degree of social tension, the scandalous strategies of the candidates throughout the previous days of the campaign destroyed the free and democratic expression of the will of the country's citizens.

Russian observers predict that all this could lead to increased unrest after the elections.