OREANDA-NEWSAn agreement between the United States and the radical Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation) will not lead to the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Such a statement, as the Afghan television channel reported, was made on Tuesday by the press secretary of Afghan President Sedik Seddiki.

"The US agreement with the Taliban doesn't mean the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan", Seddiki said. According to him, "the Americans will remain on Afghan soil as allies".

According to the press secretary of the Afghan president, the agreement between the representatives of Washington and the Taliban "may be finalized next week". Seddiqui also noted that the specific date for the start of the treaty between the US and the Taliban to reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan will be announced by the American side.

Last week, an American television station announced that the expected agreement would call for a ceasefire between coalition forces led by the United States and the Taliban, which would be the basis for a peace deal in the near future.

The American authorities, as the channel noted, advocate concluding the first part of the peace agreement with the Taliban in connection with the desire of US President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In the framework of this transaction, Washington will be able to reduce the American contingent from 12-13 thousand to 8.6 thousand military personnel.