OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Federation will not be the first country to get a COVID-19 vaccine from China. The coronavirus vaccine, once developed, will primarily be provided to African countries. Such a promise was made by Chinese president Xi Jinping, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

«African countries will be among the first to use the drug,» Xi Jinping stated. He also noted that China will intensify cooperation between relevant Chinese and African hospitals and accelerate the construction of Sino-African friendship hospitals.

Earlier, China promised to make its COVID-19 vaccine available worldwide. Now at least five types of drugs are being developed in China.

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Health issued two permits for clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines on volunteers. Permits for clinical trials are registered with the Ministry of Health. Both vaccines are solutions for intramuscular injection and will be tested for safety, tolerability and immunogenicity at various times after vaccination of volunteers.

On june 13, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatiana Golikova said that industrial production of coronavirus vaccine is scheduled to begin in September.