OREANDA-NEWS. A significant number of foreign diplomats, including staff of international humanitarian organizations, have left the DPRK in connection with the pandemic. The country is experiencing an acute shortage of goods, including medicines, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang reports.

«Today, the two-week quarantine, which 38 foreign citizens who left Pyongyang on March 18, were held in a hotel in the Chinese border city of Dandong, ended. Now their way is to Beijing or Shanghai, and then by plane to their countries», the embassy said in a statement posted on Facebook on Thursday, April 1.

«One thing is clear — this is, unfortunately, not the last exodus of foreigners from DPRK. There are less than 290 foreigners left in country. Leaving the Korean capital can be understood — not everyone can withstand the unprecedented severity of total restrictions, the acute shortage of necessary goods, including medicines, the lack of opportunities to solve health problems», the report says.

So, according to the Russian Embassy, «the locks on the gates» of the missions of Great Britain, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, and France were hung up. And all foreign personnel of international humanitarian organizations left.

The embassy added, that the Russian diplomatic mission in Pyongyang continues it's work. «Of course we also have a hard time, there are a lot of problems, several families for various reasons were forced to interrupt business trips. But the efficiency of the team is fully preserved, we perform and will continue to perform all the functions assigned to us», the diplomatic mission said.