OREANDA-NEWS Matt Goetz, a member of the US House of Representatives and a Florida Republican, ridiculed US President Joe Biden for his refusal to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin live.

The congressman believes that the dialogue between the two leaders "will not end like Rocky IV." The politician also expressed his doubts about Biden's ability to emerge victorious from this situation.

Matt Goetz praised the Russian president's response to criticism of Biden, and also ironically commented on the relationship between Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris: "When Kamala Harris shakes hands with Joe Biden, she checks his pulse."

Joe Biden said earlier that he wants to hold the Russian state accountable for alleged interference in the US elections. The American president indicated that Putin would pay if he was found guilty. During the interview, he made other harsh remarks about the Russian president and even called him a "killer."

In response, the Russian leader recalled the children's phrase “whoever calls his name, he is called that,” and also wished his colleague health.