OREANDA-NEWS. Russia is destabilizing the world and is a source of threat to the United States, as General Tod Walters, head of the European Command of the US Armed Forces and NATO's Supreme Commander in Europe, said at an Air Force Association symposium.

On the website of the country's Ministry of Defense, the general's words are quoted: “Despite universal condemnation from the international community and continuing economic sanctions, Russia is committing malicious acts aimed at destabilizing the whole world, many of these actions are being carried out in Europe. Russia continues to pose a threat to the existence of the United States and our European allies. "

According to the American general, Russia is doing everything possible to preserve its sphere of influence during the Soviet epoch and uses force to coerce neighboring countries.

In addition, Walters argues that Russia is using unconventional means like private military companies to intimidate, weaken and divide the United States and its allies.

Russian-American relations have historically been tense; after 2014, due to the situation in Ukraine and around Crimea, the dialogue with Brussels also deteriorated. The West, accusing Moscow of interfering in Kiev's affairs, imposed sanctions on it. Russia retaliated, began to pursue a policy of import substitution, and constantly calls the accusations against it unfounded.