OREANDA-NEWS  In Amsterdam, police used water cannons to disperse protesters against COVID restrictions. The demonstration against restrictive measures took place on the Museum Square, and more than 500 people took part in it.

The police urged the protesters to leave the square, but when they refused, they were forced to use water cannons. The police estimate the number of participants in the demonstration at about 500. Some have already been detained, but how many have not yet been reported.

Last weekend, a demonstration against COVID restrictions and vaccinations took place in the center of The Hague. Then the police also used water cannons. Two dozen people were detained.

In early March, the Dutch authorities announced an extension of the curfew until the end of the month - the curfew runs from 21:00 to 04:30. Violators face a 95 euro fine.

In this regard, mass protests have already taken place in different cities. In Haarlem and Rotterdam, law enforcement officers used tear gas, in Amersfoort, the action ended in riots, after fireworks flew to the police, and a local supermarket was ransacked in 's Hertogenbosch. Mass arrests took place throughout the country.

Protests against the restrictions on COVID-19 are also held in the UK, Germany, Poland, Finland and other European countries.