OREANDA-NEWSAn outbreak of bubonic plague was recorded in western Mongolia bordering Russia. The National Centre for the Study of Zoonotic Infections has declared quarantine in the region, reports CentralAsia. It is specified that it has been operating in the country since June 29 and will last indefinitely.

A 27-year-old man and a girl (age not specified) were taken to hospital. The latter is in critical condition, CentralAsia says. At the beginning of the disease, 60 people directly contacted her and 400 indirectly.

It is known that the infection was caused by the fact that both residents of Mongolia eat raw meat of marmot.

In autumn 2019, the case of bubonic plague was recorded in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. The diagnosis was made to a rural shepherd in Hoshun Siczivan. It was reported that another man had previously suffered from pneumonic plague after eating the meat of a wild hare.

Plague is a bacterial disease that primarily affects wild rodents. It spreads from one animal to another through fleas. People bitten by infected fleas usually get the bubonic form of plague. According to the World Health Organization, the disease can kill an adult in less than 24 hours if treatment is not started in time.