OREANDA-NEWS. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was vaccinated against coronavirus. She chose a drug from AstraZeneca. This was reported in the Cabinet of Ministers.

Merkel has yet to receive the second component of the drug while she was given the first dose. She said vaccination is the key to overcoming the pandemic.

The chancellor herself noted that in Germany the situation with COVID-19 remains extremely serious. Merkel pointed to the understanding of those citizens who are trying to circumvent the restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus. At the same time, she pointed out the importance of observing precautions, TASS reports.

Earlier, Merkel canceled a scheduled appointment for a vaccination against the infection. It was assumed that she did this because of an important meeting. The Bild newspaper suggests that the reason for the refusal to register for the first vaccination is an important meeting of the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union parties, at which it was discussed who will lead the list from the Conservatives in the elections to the Bundestag.

Currently in Germany there is a quarantine. It is less harsh than in winter. Over the past day, as of April 16, 26 thousand cases of COVID-19 were recorded there.

Earlier, Angela Merkel announced the last days of her tenure as chancellor of Germany. It is reminded that parliamentary elections are to be held this year.