OREANDA-NEWS. As stated in the text of the New Year's address to the population of the country of the German Chancellor, which was distributed on Thursday by the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany, Angela Merkel intends to be vaccinated against coronavirus in the order of the queue established in Germany.

As the Chancellor said, “a few days ago, the hope of overcoming the pandemic found faces - these are the faces of the first vaccinated, very elderly people and those who care for them, medical personnel in intensive care units - not only in our country, but in all European countries and many other countries ". She pointed out that COVID-19 vaccinations and other populations will be vaccinated day after day.

Angela Merkel said she would also get vaccinated when it was her turn.

The Standing Committee on Vaccination of the Robert Koch Institute of Virology previously presented a program according to which residents over 80 years of age, residents of homes for the elderly and the disabled, as well as staff working there, medical staff in intensive care and emergency departments, must first receive the vaccine. In total, this first group, proposed by the committee, includes about 8.6 million people.

In theory, Merkel, who is now 66, is only in the fourth group of people (ages 65 to 69) who are entitled to the vaccine in the manner prescribed by the vaccination committee.

The Chancellor in his New Year's address also reminds that "the first reliable test for coronavirus was developed in Germany, as is now the first vaccine approved in Europe and many countries, developed by BioNTech."