OREANDA-NEWSA new explosion thundered on Monday in Colombo on the island of Sri Lanka. This was reported by Reuters, citing eyewitnesses. According to preliminary data, during demining a wagon parked near the church detonated with explosives. “The van blew up when sappers from the special forces and the Air Force tried to defuse the bomb,” Reuters quotes eyewitness. Representatives of the security forces have not yet commented on the information about the incident.

Earlier, Adaderana news portal reported that Colombo police found 87 detonators for explosive devices on a private bus stop in the Pett area on Monday. Last night, Sri Lankan air forces discovered and neutralized an improvised explosive device in close proximity to the island’s largest international airport, Bandaranaike.

The death toll in the terrorist attacks on the day of the Catholic Easter in Sri Lanka reached 290 people. This is reported by CNN, citing a representative of local authorities. Earlier it was said about 262 dead. About 500 more people are being treated in hospitals with injuries of varying severity. In the case of the terrorist attacks, 13 people were arrested, all of them are local residents, members of radical Islamist groups. Now the special services are looking for a "foreign mark" in this loud case.

Recall that on April 21 in Sri Lanka, eight explosions thundered, with the first of the bombs simultaneously working around 8.45 in the morning. The devices exploded in the commercial capital of the country, Colombo - in hotels, Catholic churches and near the zoo. The investigation believes that most of the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers. A curfew was imposed in Sri Lanka. On Monday morning, it became known that the police were able to prevent the ninth terrorist attack and defuse a bomb near the Colombo airport.