OREANDA-NEWS  The US Migration Service began deporting illegal migrants who are trying to enter the country from Mexico, hundreds of kilometers from their place of detention. This information is reported by Reuters, citing sources.

Earlier, the authorities of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas refused to host illegal immigrants with children expelled from the United States, including many citizens of Haiti, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba and other Latin American countries.

After that, the employees of the American migration service began to massively take out migrants detained in the Rio Grande Valley to the bridge connecting the American city of El Paso (Texas) and the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez. This is about 1300 km from the place where the patrols intercept illegal immigrants.

Agency sources report that dozens of families are being delivered by air, most of them with babies and babies. Approximately 4.5 thousand children of illegal immigrants without parents are held in US border isolation wards. They stayed in points for more than ten days, which exceeds the three-day limit established by law.