OREANDA-NEWS. Rallies and protest marches are being held in the Armenian capital on Friday, February 26. According to the DW correspondent, thousands of people take part in the actions. From time to time, scuffles break out between the opposition and supporters of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, but the police manage to avoid serious conflicts.

A significant police force with special equipment has been pulled up to the parliament building. By midafternoon, they had encircled the parliament. However, the guards do not take any action to unblock the adjacent Baghramyan Avenue, one of the main transport arteries of the capital, and do not interfere with the installation of new tents.

On the same day, the Armenian parliament was expected to consider the issue of lifting the martial law imposed in the country during the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. The opposition deputies made such a proposal a day earlier. However, the deputies of the parliamentary majority, who unconditionally support the prime Minister, simply did not come to the meeting, thereby disrupting the vote.

The single opposition candidate for the post of interim head of government, Vazgen Manukyan, said at a rally in front of the parliament that the issue of Nikol Pashinyan's resignation should be decided in the country's highest legislative body, so the protests will continue here.