OREANDA-NEWSThe New York City Department of Financial Services will audit Goldman Sachs because of complaints about Apple Card credit limits. The reason was several posts on Twitter, sponsored by Danish programmer and former race car driver David Hansson, as well as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Bloomberg reported. The essence of the claims of Hansson and Wozniak was that their wives with the best credit history received the worst credit line on the Apple Card. Hansson, for example, argued that his wife's credit limit was 20 times worse, although he did not provide specific figures.

The New York finance department responded to messages and stated that all consumers should be served simultaneously, regardless of gender. “Any algorithm that intentionally discriminates against women or other populations is against the law in New York State”, said department spokeswoman.

Goldman Sachs said that members of the same family can have fundamentally different credit lines, but there is no talk of any gender discrimination. Hansson didn't satisfy this explanation. According to him, after the campaign launched by him on Twitter, the bank unexpectedly increased the credit line to his wife without asking her for any documents. Apple Card, which allows you to make purchases using the Apple payment system, became available to users in the United States in August this year.